Code of Practice

The Agricultural Lime Industry Code of Practice aims to provide end users with clear, consistent and accurate information about the quality and composition of the lime products supplied by members.   It aims to provide producers of these products with a set of guidelines for mining operations, product testing and reporting.   Products supplied by members include all products used to alter soil pH and include limesand, limestone and dolomite.

  • 1. Mine Operations

    • Occupational health and safety
    • Mining regulations
    • Operation of loaders
    • Requirements for use of accredited load scales
  • 2. Testing

    • Sampling procedures to be followed
    • Testing parameters and frequency
  • 3. Reporting

    • Requirement for reporting to customers
    • Distribution process for test results
  • 4. Complaints

    • Process to be followed
    • Resolution options
  • 5. Audits

    • Procedures for selection and sampling
    • Storage and testing of samples
    • Reporting of independent audit results
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