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The Lime WA Inc Agricultural Lime Industry Code of Practice protocols include specific product sampling, testing and reporting procedures.     

Suppliers’ product sample is dry sieved into five sieve sizes, and each particle size group has the percentage weight and percentage neutralising value separately analysed.   Weighted average and bulk neutralising values are also recorded for the sample.   

Members operating under the Code of Practice are required to provide enquirers with this standard dry sieve analysis on a Lime WA Inc Product Information Sheet, and to display the same information on this website.   

Members are entitled to provide additional information about their products, along with the standard Lime WA Inc Product Information Sheet.     To view any additional information that may be available,  please return to Our Members and click on the links to members’ own websites.

Disclaimer :  Please note that the links are provided for information only, and in no way indicate the endorsement of Lime WA Inc for the content thereof.

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