Links - DAFWADepartment of Primary Industries & Regional Development Western Australia

Provides information direct to Western Australia’s farmers. Participates in research and development projects across the state.

To access DPIRD information on managing soil acidity, click on the link below.



Links - AFSA

 Australian Fertiliser Services Association

The industry association from which Lime WA Inc originated. Mainly represents spreading and fertiliser distribution, and some lime producers in the Eastern States.  Has formed an alliance with FIFA and developed the Fertcare program.




Links - Fertilizer AustraliaFertilizer Australia

An industry association representing importers and manufacturers of fertiliser.  Fertilizer Australia developed the Fertcare program with AFSA.  Has strong political influence and lobbies government for regulatory input.




Links - Soil QualitySoil Quality Website

 Offers farmers the opportunity to see results from pH soil testing.  Showcases the work done through the Avon Catchment Council in collaboration with Dr Fran Hoyle, Dr Dan Murphy and industry representatives.




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